The French Community of Birmingham.

Our mission is to promote the French language and francophone cultures, and to foster exchanges between French speakers and local communities.

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Upcoming Events

Every month we have events for different tastes related to the French language and French and Francophone cultures.

Current Month
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About Us

The U.S. network includes over 100 Alliances and more than 24,000 students. Special events will immerse you in French and Francophone cultures and introduce you to French speakers (or aspiring French speakers) and Francophiles just like you.

Our Events

From speaker conferences to social gatherings and holiday celebrations, we host events all year long.

Keynote Speaker Conferences

The topics of these stimulating lectures include French and Francophone culture, literature, and cinema.

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Social Gatherings

Informal gatherings to socialize, learn from others and experience some delicious food.

Holiday Celebrations

Come celebrate Bastille Day, Christmas, and many more!

Why Choose Us?


We are the only local non-profit organization in Central Alabama to promote the French language and francophone cultures.

French Language Made Available

We help foster exchanges between French speakers and the local community, no matter where you start.

Calendar of Events

A calendar of events continuously evolving to meet your needs.


We provide you with resources, speakers and people to help you grow with your goals, sense of belonging and learning.

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Thank you to our partners for their ongoing support.

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